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Afaq I'm Trapped in India


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Sid Lund just woke up from a convoluted nightmare to discover his waking life is even more complicated. For one thing, the young American pharmaceutical executive has no memory of how he wound up in a remote Indian hospital. No one knows him, except for fellow patient Afaq, who seems to be insane. On the plus side, his nurse, Pretti Dey, can only be described as gorgeous.

When an anonymous phone call warns Sid to get out of the country, he discovers the police are after him. Without any idea of how he became a fugitive, Sid has no choice but to go along with Afaq's nutty plan to secure him a passport and plane tickets—a plan that leads Sid and Afaq on a comically crazed trip to Mumbai, with Pretti in tow.

Sid's not sure what he did or even if he did it. He's only certain of three things. He doesn't want to get arrested, he wants to spend more time with Pretti, and Afaq is the craziest man he's ever met. 

A lighthearted comedy about one man's search to find himself—or at least regain his memory—Afaq: I'm Trapped in India is Timothy Reinhardt's madcap debut novel.

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Jesus's Brother James


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 Kirkus Review "A fast-paced, funny romp with easy laughs, surprisingly complex characters, and plenty of quirky twists."



Life can be challenging and difficult at times, which may cause folks to look for Jesus for help.  Mike, a recently fired man who thinks his wife is cheating on him, gets shot by Father Coady. Father Coady suggests Mike could spend some time with Jesus's little known brother, James, since Jesus is quite busy. Meanwhile, the ever urbane Paul is frustrating his long-time girlfriend, Amber, who is desperately trying to break her phone addiction. This comedy traces four people's hilarious struggle to find their unique meaning in a chaotic world.   Click here for a glimpse of the film 

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Crackers, starring Vincent D'Onfrio, is a dark comedy about an Italian chef named Gus whose life is turned upside down after a mishap during a Sunday dinner when Jack, his father in law chokes to death on an osso bucco bone.

Gus is happy living in his small paradise surrounded by his younger wife, his vibrant garden, his kitchen and his opera music. This all changes when his overbearing, loud, large and obnoxious mother in law Bidelia invades his home.

Gus slowly loses his paradise and his sanity as Bidelia methodically destroys everything that is sacred to him.

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