Jesus Brother James

About the Film


Father Coady, a veteran suffering post-traumatic syndrome from his service in Iraq, struggles to adjust to the mundane routine of working with indifferent parishioners at his church near Raleigh. When a gorgeous woman, Amber makes a pass at him, Father Coady losses control of his spiritual tranquility, unleashing so many vivid passions and doubts.  While trying to corral these feelings, Father Coady stumbles across Mike, a middle age man about to kill himself. With frayed emotions, Father Coady attempts to dissuade Mike from suicide only to convince the troubled man to witness his naked wife in the arms of his brother. As the family situation worsens, Father Coady’s PST erupts causing him to shoot Mike. After the shooting, Mike stirs, greeted by a tall bearded man, he believes is Jesus. Father Coady informs Mike that this mysterious man is not the popular highly requested Jesus, but instead Jesus’s little-known brother James. 




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