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August 18 at 2 PM  McIntyre Books, Pittsboro, NC 

 September 16 at 6 PM -  Malaprop's, Asheville NC  

September 25 at 7 PM - Bookmarks 

October 3, 2019 - Inquiring Minds Bookstore 

New Paltz, NY 



Praise for Jesus’s Brother James

“Jesus’s Brother James is a novel about finding faith and friendship in the strangest of places. Set in our crazy times of constantly pinging iPhones and anxiety brought on by need-it-now workplace demands, Jesus’s not-so-famous brother silently communicates with four struggling, lonely people who need a heavy shot of ageless compassion and empathy. Timothy Reinhardt is witty and observant, steeping the pages of Jesus’s Brother James in gallows humor while never breaking his stride in delivering a subtle manifesto on the dangers of modern life. However fantastic the

situations, you know the truth of these characters and will recognize their choices as ones you may have taken in your own life.” —Alice Osborn, Author of Heroes without Capes

“Jesus’s Brother James is delightful! Clearly drawn characters with surprising depth take us on a crash course of hilarious and poignant events while they search for answers but end up finding themselves.”

—Steven Roten, Director of Theater at Meredith College

“Tim Reinhardt’s dark, satisfying sense of humor propels Jesus’s Brother James in directions the reader never sees coming. It’s a wild, wicked journey, full of offbeat characters and moments of joy and madness. Definitely well worth the trip.” —Don Vaughan, Founder of Triangle Association of Freelancers

“Many of us who spent 12 years at Catholic school stay at home Sunday mornings. Yet, we still root for Notre Dame Saturday afternoons. Tim Reinhardt captures that dichotomy perfectly in Father Coady, a priest who uses his collar as a badge, a

shield, and a magnet. Jesus’s Brother James shows us there’s a lot going on under the average cassock.”

—Bob Langford, Writer/Producer



Currently in pre-production for Jesus's Brother James

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